Return of the bed bug床虱重回人类生活If you haven’t met a bed bug, countyourself lucky. These bloodsucking insects have been staging a dramaticcomeback in recent years. They can be found in hotel rooms, airplanes, clothingstores and, occasionally, movie theaters. Accidentally bring one or more ofthese lentil-sized bugs home and your family could have trouble evicting them.如果你还没见过床虱,那你就算幸运地的了。近几年这些嗜血昆虫戏剧般的重回人类生活,最多见于旅馆、飞机机舱、服装店,并且偶尔的还经常出现在电影院里。如果你不小心把这些豆子大小的昆虫带上入家中,那么你的家人求得花点功夫来清理他们了。

The wingless bugs are reddish-brown,oval-shaped and have six legs. Some people think bed bugs smell musty. Otherscompare their scent to rotting fruit or pencil shavings.这些无翼昆虫全身红棕色,椭圆形,六条腿。有些人实在他们闻起来有腐烂的味道,而另外一些人则实在他们弥漫着腐烂的水果或铅笔屑的气味。Bed bugs live on blood. They usually eatevery few days or week, but they don’t need to eat that often to survive. Thetiny bugs can go months without a meal. After such an unwanted fast, or evenany time they haven’t recently fed, their bodies will be flat. And that helpsthem hide in little cracks near a bed. But once a bed bug has gorged on a meal— usually human blood, and usually while you are asleep — it plumps up like aminiature balloon. Then it returns to hiding in wait of its next meal.床虱以血液维生,几天或者一周不吃一顿,并不是很频密。


这样的体型不利于他们藏匿于床上更加小的缝隙中。但是如果他们一旦大麻人类血液吃后(一般来说在人类惊醒的情况下),他们的身体则又开始像气球一样鼓起来。然后回到躲藏地点等候下次美餐。In the past 15 years or so, the bed bug, hasbecome common all over the United States, Australia, Europe and parts of Asia.Its comeback has surprised many people because until recently, the pest hadbeen rare for some 60 years in these parts of the world. During that time, somepeople didn’t even know the bed bug existed. They thought it was a made-up creaturefrom the nursery rhyme。