Apple Inc said it will provide a free battery replacement for customers globally who have experienced an unexpected shutdown with their iPhone 6s smartphones.苹果公司日前回应,将为全球各地遭遇iPhone 6s智能手机车祸关机的消费者免费替换电池。Apple has determined that a very small number of iPhone 6s devices may unexpectedly shut down, the company said in a statement.苹果在一份声明中回应,该公司已证实有极少数的iPhone 6s设备可能会车祸关机。This isnt a safety issue and only affects devices within a limited serial number range that were manufactured in September and October 2015, Apple said.该公司称之为,这并非一个安全性问题且仅不会影响序列号在一定范围内、在2015年9月到10月期间生产的设备。

The battery life of both iPhone 6s and 6s Plus have reportedly been questioned by consumers after they complained how their phones would shut down even when the battery showed a significant amount of power.据报导, iPhone 6s和6s Plus的电池寿命皆受到了消费者的批评。此前有消费者滋扰称之为,即使在电池表明电量充裕的情况下,手机仍不会关机。Apple said customers experiencing the problem can visit an Apple retail store or authorized service provider to verify that their device was manufactured during the covered period.苹果方面回应,遭遇这一问题的消费者可前往苹果零售店或苹果许可服务提供商,核实其设备是否是在上述期限内生产的。

Customers who previously paid to have their batteries replaced for this issue can contact Apple to request refunds.此前因该问题已收费替换电池的消费者可联系苹果拒绝付款。The iPhone 6s was released last year but is still being sold. Apple released its latest version, the iPhone 7, this fall.iPhone 6s手机于去年公布,现在仍在热卖。

苹果公司于今年秋天公布了近期机型iPhone 7。